Acro Training Program (aka “ATP”)

We are so excited about this new program, which targets those dancers who have experience in Acro and/or Gymnastics and a passion to excel and focus in that discipline. This program allows dancers to build a well-rounded foundation of dance technique in order to support their increased Acro training!

More information & FAQs

Why ATP???

  • Acro has become a mainstream element in dance, both on its own and as being incorporated into many other styles. Acro builds strength, flexibility, and confidence while still allowing dancers to explore style and creativity. We wanted to create an opportunity for our Acrobats to increase their Acro training, without having to add on many other classes. It is too difficult to get through everything that we want to in a single Acro class so with the additional hours specific to Acro, dancers will likely improve more quickly.

Who is the program for?

  • It is for our experienced students age 9-12 (not new to Acro), looking to increase their Acro training but still willing to build strength in their dance foundation. If you have a dancer age 13+ or under age 9 and interested in a program like this – please let us know so we can discuss your options. ☺

Dancers age 9-12 interested in the program, must contact the office first and then audition at the first class on Friday September 13th.

What's included in the Program?

  • 1 Regular Acro class in our Monday-Thursday schedule
  • 1 Jazz, Ballet, or Lyrical/Contemp class in our Monday-Thursday schedule
  • 3 additional Classes on Fridays:
    • An additional Acro class with choreography (with Miss Devon)
    • Acro Jazz technique class (with Miss Devon)
    • Stretch and Flex (which only runs Sept-Feb)
  • 2 different workshop classes off site!
  • We will also have a variety of guest teachers throughout the season!
  • Take home exercises and in class worksheets for level assessments and goal setting

What is the cost of the program?

  • The tuition fees for the ATP are $2,000.00/year (which includes everything noted above). Dancers will only participate in Recital in their regular (Mon-Thurs) Acro class and technique class so there will only be 2 Recital Costume Fees.

Elite Package dancers can be approved for the additional Acro class on Fridays, at no additional charge. They should already be registered in the Stretch & Flex class and would not participate in the Friday Acro Jazz class so they can still participate in their Workshop class. Their regular Monday-Thursday classes would also already be included in their Package so there would only be an additional $200 charge to cover the Workshops, take home and in class material.

Are there competition opportunities?

  • YES!!! Our usual Acro competitors are required to take an Acro class, ADAPT Jazz class, and two Ballet classes. For those dancers in the ATP program, they will only be required to take 1 Ballet class, 1 regular Acro class, and the Friday ATP class(es) as long as they are not looking to compete in any other discipline.
  • The audition on September 13th (used for entrance into the Program) will also be seen as the audition to be involved in any competitive Acro routines during the season – dancers are then not required to do the regular Pre-Season Intensive if only looking to compete in Acro. All other regular choreography and competition fees will apply to these dancers (please contact the office to receive a Competition Package if you haven’t done so already). And if you are interested in Competition, you must still fill out an Application.

What do I do if I'm interested?

  • Please send Miss Devon an email, and then plan to attend the 2:30-4:30pm class on Friday September 13th (“Elite” Package dancers only need to attend 3:30-4:30pm).
Miss Emilie, 2019

Miss Emilie, 2019