Age 4-6 - Pre-Junior Experience

Perfect for any youngsters, regardless if they have previous dance experience or are looking to try something new.


Classes Offered


A combination of dance technique and acrobatic elements. Acro focuses on promoting flexibility, tumbling, strength, balance, contortion, and partner/group stunts. Each lesson involves training in gymnastic-style elements but is often put together with style and choreography. We are a fully accredited studio with certified ACC (Acrobatic Arts) and Acrobatique teachers. At the Pre-Junior level, Acro is combined with Jazz.


Ballet is the foundation of technique and balance for all styles of dance. Discipline and creativity are used to improve flexibility, strength, and proper positioning. Ballet technique is essential for improvement and appropriate advancement in other styles of dance as well. Offering various levels including pre-primary to advanced, pointe prep, and pointe as well as ballet barre specific classes for those interested in improving more quickly. Ballet is incorporated into almost every class and is strongly encouraged for all ages by the staff and directors at Springbank Dancers.


Competition Choreography is a scheduled time every week, where dancers from our competitive team meet to learn and practice choreography. It is NOT required for all competitors and dancers must be approved to participate in one of these classes. The Pre-Junior class will learn a group routine that will be taken to competition in the spring. It is a great way to develop a strong routine with constant practice, and build great team spirit.


Strong and powerful dance movements to Hip Hop and R&B music. Includes different styles of urban dance while increasing an understanding of various music beats and rhythms. Classes are designed to concentrate on choreography and memory, without limits to body movements. Hip Hop is energetic and perfect for those looking for an interactive and relaxed style of dance. Offering various levels including Junior to Advanced, for boys and girls of all ages. At the Pre-Junior level, Hip Hop is combined with Musical Theatre.


Jazz is a strong technically based style of dance consisting of unique movements, body and musical awareness, intricate foot movements, leaps and turns. In order to excel in jazz, dancers are strongly recommended to have a background in ballet to improve strength and balance. At the Pre-Junior level, Jazz is combined with Acro.


A form of dance that combines technique from jazz, ballet, and lyrical with song and music from stage/theatre performances. Musical Theatre is a fun, outgoing style that improves a dancer’s confidence and creativity throughout Broadway performance. All dancers involved in Musical Theatre classes are strongly encouraged to also participate in a technique class (such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, etc.). At the Pre-Junior level, Musical Theatre is combined with Hip hop.


Use of tapping footwear and precise foot movements in various patterns to create an audible form of theatrical dance with music and rhythm awareness. Recommended ballet or jazz experience for ankle strength and proper positioning.




  • The cost of each class is dependent on its length and program...
    • 30min Class - $450.00
    • 45min Class - $600.00
    • 60min Class - $650.00

Our rates are based on age AND length of class as a full year lump sum amount, which can be broken down into monthly payments for your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: as further described in our Policies and Information, this lump sum amount is determined based on a minimum of 32 classes per year and not by the number of classes per month (some months or days of the week contain more or less classes than other; anything above the guaranteed 32 classes per year are seen as ‘complimentary’).


  • In the Fall of 2019, we will have Saturday Session Classes running for 12 weeks (no class on Oct. 12th or Nov. 9th) from Sept. 14th to Dec. 14th
    • 30min "Pre-Junior" Fall Session Class - $200.00
    • 60min "Pre-Junior" Fall Session Class - $250.00

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition for Session Classes is due upon registration.


  • There is a one time annual fee for registering in any of our programs:
    • Individuals - $25.00
    • Families - $35.00


  • If you're new to Springbank Dancers, please contact us to find out about our Exclusive Offers!!!

Packages Offered

Pre-Junior Experience

  • > Mission> – this package is all about giving our young dancers a unique, fulfilling and FUN experience! They will receive training in multiple styles, setting them up for a very fun time at Competition and for a successful experience in the Junior classes in the future!
  • Directed at the 5 and 6 year olds looking to take 3 classes per week, but wanting to get a great start on a variety of styles, and see what the ‘Competition’ Program is all about.

  • > Inclusions> :
  • One 30min Pre-Junior Ballet or Tap

  • One 45min Pre-Junior Jazz/Acro

  • One 45min Pre-Junior HH/MT

  • Involvement in our Pre-Junior Competition Group this season

  • Studio crewneck or sweater

    • > COST> : $1,575.00 per year


How do I know what level my dancer is in?

  • If you are a returning student, please send Miss Devon an email , or book a Pre-Season Meeting (log into your account and find a time under "Book a Private Lesson")

  • If you are new to Springbank Dancers, please fill out a New Dancer Questionnaire , and then book a Pre-Season Meeting (log into your account and find a time under "Book a Private Lesson")

What are the lengths of the 5-6 year old full year classes?

  • Pre-Junior Ballet - 30min

  • Pre-Junior Jazz/Acro - 45min

  • Pre-Junior Hip Hop/Musical Theatre - 45min

  • Pre-Junior Tap - 30min

What is the required attire?

  • Pre-Junior Ballet

  • Black tank style bodysuit with black slip-on ballet skirt, convertible ‘light tan’ tights, pink FULL SOLE ballet slippers (NO black or split soles slippers and NO jazz shoes please).*Boys – White or black shirt with black dance pants and black slippers.

    • Pre-Junior Jazz/Acro

  • Black tank style bodysuit, black jazz shorts, convertible ‘light tan’ tights, tan jazz shoes. *Boys – White or black shirt with black dance pants and black jazz shoes

    • Pre-Junior Hip Hop/Musical Theatre

  • Black tank style bodysuit, black jazz shorts, convertible ‘light tan’ tights. Can bring sweat pants in to put over shorts for Hip Hop portion. Tan jazz shoes or bare feet for Musical Theatre and indoor runners for Hip Hop.

    • Pre-Junior Tap

  • Black tank style bodysuit, black jazz shorts, convertible ‘light tan’ tights, black tap shoes. *Boys – White or black shirt with black dance pants.

*Detailed "Required Attire" Handout for 2019/20 coming soon!

What is the required hair?

  • Please just ensure your dancers' hair is pulled back and out of their face for class (hair styles could include a bun, pony tail, braid, etc.)

Am I allowed to sit in on the class?

  • We do not allow parents to sit in the class but we do have viewing tv's in the lobby and welcome you to join us for Parent Viewing week that is held, in mid December.

Does my dancer get to participate in Recital?

  • Absolutely. Each class will have a costume and class routine to perform in our annual recital that is held in mid June. We will be including all of our Winter/Spring Session dancers in Recital as well (if you are not available or interested, notice must be give prior to your first Winter/Spring class)

What is the Recital Date?

  • Thursday June 18th and Friday June 19th 2020 - there are three (different) shows but each class will participate once (which will be determined at a later date).

What are the costs of the Recital Costumes?

  • Our Pre-Junior dancers pay $75.00 per costume/class (costume fees are due in November)

Have any more questions?

  • Please send Miss Devon an email , and she will get back to you with answers to any of your questions as soon as possible

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body
— Martha Graham