Home School Dance Programs for Age 6+

Springbank Dancers offers some mid week classes, during the day, to cater to the Homeschool students in our surrounding communities! The 90min block will encompass various styles and guaranteed to keep your dancers busy, learning, and having fun! Each class will have a technical element of Jazz, Ballet, Acro, and/or Lyrical, and then a stylized performance element of Hip Hop and/or Musical Theatre. This will provide the dancers with a strong foundation but also allow them to experience various disciplines of dance.


Styles included


A combination of dance technique and acrobatic elements. Acro focuses on promoting flexibility, tumbling, strength, balance, contortion, and partner/group stunts. Each lesson involves training in gymnastic-style elements but is often put together with style and choreography. We are a fully accredited studio with certified ACC (Acrobatic Arts) and Acrobatique teachers. At the Pre-Junior level, Acro is combined with Jazz.


Ballet is the foundation of technique and balance for all styles of dance. Discipline and creativity are used to improve flexibility, strength, and proper positioning. Ballet technique is essential for improvement and appropriate advancement in other styles of dance as well. Offering various levels including pre-primary to advanced, pointe prep, and pointe as well as ballet barre specific classes for those interested in improving more quickly. Ballet is incorporated into almost every class and is strongly encouraged for all ages by the staff and directors at Springbank Dancers.


Strong and powerful dance movements to Hip Hop and R&B music. Includes different styles of urban dance while increasing an understanding of various music beats and rhythms. Classes are designed to concentrate on choreography and memory, without limits to body movements. Hip Hop is energetic and perfect for those looking for an interactive and relaxed style of dance. Offering various levels including Junior to Advanced, for boys and girls of all ages. At the Pre-Junior level, Hip Hop is combined with Musical Theatre.


Jazz is a strong technically based style of dance consisting of unique movements, body and musical awareness, intricate foot movements, leaps and turns. In order to excel in jazz, dancers are strongly recommended to have a background in ballet to improve strength and balance. At the Pre-Junior level, Jazz is combined with Acro.


A collection of mixed styles derived from modern dance brought us both lyrical and contemporary. Recommended to help improve and enhance technique and control with influences from ballet, lyrical and jazz. Both disciplines explore challenging body positioning and emotions and is often seen as dramatic and interpretive. Both styles have such similar foundation work and with much overlap, so we want to give the dancers to opportunity to experience both, without having to take multiple classes.


A form of dance that combines technique from jazz, ballet, and lyrical with song and music from stage/theatre performances. Musical Theatre is a fun, outgoing style that improves a dancer’s confidence and creativity throughout Broadway performance. All dancers involved in Musical Theatre classes are strongly encouraged to also participate in a technique class (such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, etc.). At the Pre-Junior level, Musical Theatre is combined with Hip Hop.


When are the classes?

  • Age 6-7 will be on Tuesdays, 11:00am-12:30pm in the Fall of 2019

  • Age 8+ will be on Tuesdays, 12:30-2:00pm in the Fall of 2019

  • New Sessions will also begin January 2020!

How much do the classes cost?

  • $400.00

*There will be 14 classes in total, Sept. 10th to Dec. 10th

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition for Session Classes is due upon registration.

What is the required attire?

  • Coming soon!

What is the required hair?

  • Please just ensure your dancers' hair is pulled back and out of their face for class (hair styles could include a bun, pony tail, braid, half-up, etc.)

Am I allowed to sit in on the class?

  • We will have a Parent Viewing Week in December but please feel free to let us know if you'd like to pop in any other time!

Does my dancer get to participate in Recital?

  • Absolutely, as long as we have enough interest to continue classes in the New Year, our Homeschool students will get to do Recital! If you are not available or interested in participating in Recital, please provide notice prior to January 15th.

Recital Dates?

  • Thursday June 18th and Friday June 19th 2020 at the Martha Cohen Theatre - there are three (different) shows but each class will participate once (which will be determined at a later date).

What are the costs of the Recital Costumes?

  • Our Homeschool dancers pay no more than $80.00 per costume, due February 1st.

Have any more questions?

  • Contact Us HERE

  • And if you have a dancer outside of the age groups we're offering this season, please let us know! We are always looking to expand our programs if the interest is there!