Age 2-4 - Pre-School Program

We are proud to offer classes for our youngest dancers that will establish a solid dance foundation while sparking a love of movement. 


Our Classes

Creative Movement (TINY BALLERINAS)

For those 3 and 4 year olds looking to start dance and discover balance and creativity through movement. Offering a fun, energetic, and interactive environment to keep those little ones involved and busy during their class each week. Introducing our little ones to Ballet and Jazz (and sometimes Tap!), this class helps increase the extent of body movement to improve coordination, control, and muscle awareness. Guaranteed to keep those little ones busy, feeling amazing, and to burn some energy for a full 30-60min each week.

Creative Movement (HOP N' POP)

This class is designed to encourage creativity and explore "style" through movement! This 30min segment will include an introduction into Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Tumbling, and a lot of laughter! The purpose is to embrace each indiduval for their own uniqueness and encourage confidence through movement!

Parent N' Tots

This 45min class is such a fun experience for both the parent and dancer (age 2-3)! Each class will include teacher-led movement activities and lessons where parents can encourage their little one, but also be instructed on how to help them explore coordination, balance, musicaltiy, and characterization! And as we 'partner up' with our young dancer, we promise a ton of laughter and connection!

Creative Movement "Music & Play"

This time is used for any parents and/or yoga and fit participants who need a little extra care for their dancers before or after class. We'll keep your little busy and having fun while you get a little more "You" time.




  • The cost of each class is dependent on its length and program...
    • 30min Class - $400.00
    • 45min Class - $525.00
    • 60min Class - $625.00
    • 15min "Music and Play" - $5.00/time
    • 30min "Music and Play" - $10.00/time

Our rates are based on age AND length of class as a full year lump sum amount, which can be broken down into monthly payments for your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: as further described in our Policies and Information, this lump sum amount is determined based on a minimum of 32 classes per year and not by the number of classes per month (some months or days of the week contain more or less classes than other; anything above the guaranteed 32 classes per year are seen as ‘complimentary’).


  • In the Fall of 2019, we will have Saturday Session Classes running for 12 weeks (no class on Oct. 12th or Nov. 9th) from Sept. 14th to Dec. 14th
    • 30min "Creative Movement" Fall Session Class - $175.00
  • We also have a "Parent n' Tots" Session running on Fridays for 12 weeks (no class on Oct. 11th or Nov. 8th) from Sept. 13th to Dec. 14th
    • 45min "Parent n' Tots" Fall Session Class - $215.00

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition for Session Classes is due upon registration. Rates online will be updated and pro-rated each week for any late registrations (up until a month in)


  • There is a one time annual fee for registering in any of our programs:
    • Individuals - $25.00
    • Families - $35.00


  • If you're new to Springbank Dancers, please contact us to find out about our Exclusive Offers!!!


What are the lengths of the 2-4 year old full year classes?

  • Creative Movement (Tiny Ballerinas) - 30 to 45min
  • Creative Movement (Hop N' Pop) - 30min
  • Parent N' Tots - 45min

What is the required attire?

  • Creative Movement (Tiny Ballerinas) - Pink bodysuit with matching skirt, pink ballet tights, pink Ballet slippers
  • Creative Movement (Hop N' Pop) - Bodysuit or fitted top, leggings, capris or comfy pants, indoor runners
  • Parent N' Tots - anything comfy! Parents, please attend in comfy clothes as well! The dancers can wear ballet or jazz shoes, and/or everyone can have bare feet!

**Detailed "Required Attire" Handout for 2019/20 coming soon!

What is the required hair?

  • Please just ensure your dancers' hair is pulled back and out of their face for class (hair styles could include a bun, pony tail, braid, half-up, etc.)

Am I allowed to sit in on the class?

  • We do not allow parents to sit in the class but we do have viewing tv's in the lobby and welcome you to join us for Parent Viewing week that is held, in mid December.

What if my little one is too nervous to leave me on the first class?

  • No problem! We want all our little ones to feel comfortable and safe. You are welcome to stay with them in class for as long as you feel needed. Following their first introduction, we try to "break the tie" a little each week, really encouraging mom to watch in the TVs like their dancer is a little STAR!

Does my dancer get to participate in Recital?

  • Absolutely. Each class will have a costume and class routine to perform in our annual recital that is held in mid June. We will be including all of our Winter/Spring Session dancers in Recital as well (if you are not available or interested, notice must be give prior to your first Winter/Spring class)


  • Thursday June 18th or Friday June 19th

What are the costs of the Recital Costumes?

  • Our Creative Movement dancers pay no more than $70.00 per costume/class (costume fees are due in November)

Have any more questions?

  • Please send Miss Devon an email, and she will get back to you with answers to any of your questions as soon as possible
“If you dance with your heart,
your body will follow”
— Mia Michaels