Our Story


Proudly owned by Devon and Carey Maillot for the past 11 seasons, Springbank Dancers Inc. is delighted to offer a wide range of classes for every age, skill and dedication level. We love to watch your child flourish through their dancing journey and make it our mission to offer the best quality of training possible and to ensure that each dancer's experience is a positive one.

Both Devon & Carey were raised in Springbank and value the special connection this community offers. We are a close knit studio that prides ourselves on more than just excellent dance training, but also on building a relationship with each of our clients personally. We have loved growing with the Springbank, Bragg Creek, and Redwood Meadows communities and we are thankful to all of you who have trusted us with your child’s dance development throughout the years.

Calgary Dance Teacher

Miss Devon, Carey, Knox (left, age 2), and Zac (right, age 3), Spring 2018